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Aerial Video

Aerial Video for all purposes : Filming, Survey, Real Estate (Estate Agent). Motorsport, Equestrian, Golf clubs, Hotels, Events.


We are not just a drone company we are a film/photography company with 18 years of professional photography experience in many sectors. Drone video, Using a drone is for the purpose of getting the best image or video possible, a drone(SUA) is a tool to put a camera in places never before possible. Together with a good camera and a gimbal for smooth footage it’s now easier to make professional drone video footage.

If you need to survey you roof for inspection a Drone can be a very quick and safe way of doing this compared to scaffolding large ladders etc. This footage also has the great option that you can keep going back to when you need to revisit the area for plans etc.

Mix the Aerial Video footage with high end ground video equipment and Gimbals you have the perfect combination of aerial and ground filming or photography.

Shooting from ground level to 400ft opens up areas never thought possible before now, Shooting stills or HD video or 4k 60fps if you need to slow the footage down for inspection or for that added drama in you promo video.

Surveying. This can be very beneficial for Architects, Land surveyors, Land auctioneers etc

Promotion Video. Hotels, Golf Clubs, Pubs, Motorsport teams,Schools, Points of interest the list is endless. For example you have a pub/B&B on the coast this is an amazing marketing tool to show off the lovely area that surrounds you!

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